The following 3 things made me realize that its actually the MySQl server which is crashing.

  1. I have a php script that updates a database table as soon as i fill up a form through localhost. I am able to access my localhost homepage and then fill up the respective form, but as soon as i hit submit, i get the above error. When i check for the wamp icon that time, it turns form green to orange. This is creepy, it is green all the time but as soon as that particular php file is called, it turns orange. There is nothing wrong with the script cuz i had used it many times before. I had to reinstall wamp in betweeen and its giving error since then.

  2. When i try to open phpmyadmin form wamp server, it says #2002 Cannot log in to the MySQL server. Maybe this is the reason, my php script cannot connect to the MYsql server.

  3. The reason i found out why wamp was turning green to orange is because the Mysql server keeps crashing, whenever i go to wamp->Mysql->service, it says start/resume service even if i had started it moments ago.

I figured out the reason but not encountered a solution yet. Its very urgent, please help me solve this :(
I am willing to give teamviewer access if required

You can start by checking the MySQL error log:

The error log is located in the data directory specified in your my.ini file. The default data directory location is C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data.

Once you have the error.log, if you still need help paste here the content. Bye.

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