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I imported data into a Ms Access 2013 from SQL and all the data is there. I created a Query and also created a report that will use the Query. So the Query returns all the data. There are around 590 000 records that needs to be displayed by the record and records that are returned by the Query. when i do a Print Preview it gives me

Page 32767 of 12224

So i am afraid to start printing because from this look it seems like it does not show all data, but my assumption is that Print Preview cant show all the data , even if i try to go to the last page, can anyone clear my assumption.


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Access 2010 specifications: Number of printed pages in a report 65,536
from here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/access-help/access-2010-specifications-HA010341462.aspx

Access 2007 specifications: Number of printed pages in a report 65,536
from here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/access-help/access-2007-specifications-HA010030739.aspx?CTT=1

If you are going for 590.000 pages then you've got to limit it down to several parts.
PS: It would also take up a lot of resources to spool 590.000 pages.

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