Good Day

i have been hit by this error this night.

I have a UDF defined like this

    CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[funcFormatPercentages_Extended_numeric]

     -- Add the parameters for the function here

     @parPercentageToBeFormatted nvarchar(20)

    RETURNS nvarchar(20)


         RETURN CAST(CAST(convert(float,@parPercentageToBeFormatted)* 100 AS decimal(4, 1)) AS nvarchar(5)) + N'%'  

so i will call the UDF with the value like this

select [dbo].[funcFormatPercentages_Extended_numeric]('-43.4703076923077') 


 select [dbo].[funcFormatPercentages_Extended_numeric]('36.403813624481') 

i get an Error

Msg 8115, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar.

I tried to change the datatypes and Precision around , but still the error.


Perhaps the casting to a decimal fails because you are not rounding first. Does this fail too?

select [dbo].[funcFormatPercentages_Extended_numeric]('36.4')
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