I'm learning PHP and MySQL, and I'm trying to create a simple online pastebin website. I want to create both anonymous and logged in user pastes.

I created a 'user' table with uid, name and password columns, and a 'pastes' table with pid, paste and uid columns. In a viewpaste.php page, the paste ID is used as a GET parameter, to retrieve stored pastes.

How can I link the two tables together for logged in users only? I added the uid on the pastes table for that purpose. I tried setting uid in pastes as a foreign key referencing the uid in user table, but that doesn't seem to be working (gives error for anonymous pastes). Any pointers would be great.

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Your "pastes" table should allow NULL for the "uid" column.

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Your "pastes" table should allow NULL for the "uid" column.

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