Does anyone know how to properly install MySql Server? I am having trouble installing it. It's one of the last steps for the MySQL installer package.

If you get the mysqli msi package, it's simlicity itself, assuming you're on windows of course.

yeah i got the windows package but i didn't properly configure the server. I wasn't even able to set up a password. Now when i try to create a query it won't let me. Please help!!

Uninstall it and start again, slowly, and paying attention at every step.
The installer does it all for you with default(leave as is) settings, except for the password.

I see where you are with that, Cereal, but unfortunately, I've never been able to get the mysql command line client to work! My bad probably, I lose the plot, and go back to a gui, like phpmyadmin. In GioMazing's case, I'd go for the uninstall, it only takes a few minutes.

I see. That probably happens because MySQL bin directory is not added to the system path, I'm not sure it's possible to add a flag to include it during the installation process, right now I don't remember. But you can edit the Windows Enviroment Variables:

That way it becomes easy to execute the commands, because the system knows where the bin directory is located. Anyway, mine was only an alternative solution. Bye!

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