For each of the following sets of functional dependencies on a schema r(A, B, C, D, E)

AB --> C, D --> E, B --> E
A --> CD, B --> DE
AB --> C, C --> D

For each of the above set of functional dependencies, decompose relation r into BCNF

how to decompose r into BCNF of above relation r?

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So you haven't solve this problem for 3 months?

Closure can easily be computed by applying Amstrong's interference rules (reflexity, transitivity, augmentation). For example you may start this way:

a) A -> A (reflexivity rule)
b) A -> ACD (a + transitivity A->CD)
c) A -> ACDE (b + transitivity D->E)

d) Now it's your turn (apply the missing one :)

You already know the meaning of the result?

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