Hi All,

With SSIS, upon load, I am receiving the following error:

Error 1 Error loading DownloadCSVPackage.dtsx: The connection "" is not found. This error is thrown by Connections collection when the specific connection element is not found. C:\Projects\EconAnalysisStatsCan\EconAnalysisStatsCan\DownloadCSVPackage.dtsx 1 1

I have gone through all of my connections to find that bugger that has a "" for a connection name but cannot locate it. Can anyone suggest a way, perhaps through VB and BIDS, to find that bad connection and then delete it? I want to go live with this but cannot until I find and remove this bugger. Any and all help is always appreciated.

I don't have code that is looking for the bad connection. Sorry for the confusion. When I open the package, I immediately receive the error that the connection "" has not been found. I was hoping to run some code to find that connection and delete it if possible.

I'm starting to look through the XML portion of my package and I'm hoping to find the error there. LoL, there's over 30,000 lines so this may take me a while.

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