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i was wondering how can database replication on a sql server be accomplished?

Do you mean,You want to create a copy of an existing database?


1.Go to Enterprise Manager and right click the databases and create a new database

2.Right click the database which you created and select the ALL Tasks and then select IMPORT DATA

3.Now you should see DTS Import/Export Wizard.Hit next. Select the option Choose the data Source,Under the database select the database which you want to take a copy of.Hit next

4.Your destination will be the new database which you created.Select it and Hit next

5.Select the option Copy tables and source from the source database.Hit next

6.Hit the option Select all

7.Hit next and next until the tables start copying

8.All the tables and views will be stored on to the new database.

Hopy it Helps

in short words, yes


To copy complete database including stored procedure, functions etc..you must have to choose the option "copy object and Data between SQL Server database" otherwise only tables with data would get copied

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