Hey guys Im doing some Research on the artical title. Im wondering if it is possible to have an Access database set upfor a company, but instead of installing microsoft office on every client machine, can you create an .EXE excutable file that will access the database that will be a slimmed down version of microsoft access, but you can still edit, add, delete and maintain the database from the .EXE file or application.Im not sure if this is possible but if there are links to read up on this or ideas on how to possible do this would be very appreciated.



That sounds to me like a Portable Database Query Analyzer.

I wanted to do a Web Database Query Analyzer on my website but eventually just gave up. It was basically going to execute SQL queries from the rich text box editor and give you access to the db. There is a plenty of software like that, you should be able to find something that suits your need, even though it's hypothetical. A WPF .NET Framework 4.0 portable app could be something you might be interested in.

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