Hi All,

Hopefully I don't get too scolded here for this question but I can't commit my mind to answer this as I have been ill and am still not fully recovered. In saying that, I have the following set of tables (see pic) and I need to fill in the table: tblBank_Indicator_List with the IDs from 3 other tables. I started to use the following

update dbo.tblBank_Indicator_List
set Bank_ID=dbo.tblBanks.Bank_ID,Demographic_ID=tblBankDemographics.Demo_ID,Indicator_Type=dbo.tblEconomicFinancialIndicators.BEFI_ID

but I have no idea what to place after Where? Can someone guide me proper here while I keep at this myself. I'd really appreciate it.

Just tried an insert with the following

insert into dbo.tblBank_Indicator_List(Bank_ID,Demographic_ID,Ind_ID,Indicator_Type

but that's not recognizing any of the Values for some reason so that's obviously not the way.

Well, after picking at pritaeas's brain and with a little help internally, I have the following which did the job perfectly:

insert into dbo.tblBank_Indicator_List(Bank_ID, Demographic_ID, Indicator_Type)
select b.Bank_ID, d.Demo_ID, f.BEFI_ID
from dbo.tblBanks as b, dbo.tblBankDemographics as d, dbo.tblEconomicFinancialIndicators as f

This issue is resolved.

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