Ok help please , cant get my head around this ....

i need to build a database that will hold the following :

width x drop = price
what i actually want to do is a quotation form for my website where the costumer will input the width and the drop and get a price as a result, But here is where i get lost, cuz the size of blinds can vary in thousands of combinations how would i build a database holding that info?
would i have to create tables with all the combinations possible and its price? or there is a simpler way of doing that ...
please helppppp..

You could create a db holding all the different combinations, but that is probably not a very workable solution.

In my opinion you should work with a base price, so you get a general price. Then you could add different combinations as upgrades/downgrades.

In any case, somewhere this information needs to be entered to get an exact price, no matter what solution you want to provide. I'd suggest you think about how you'd want a customer to experience requesting a quote first, then build a solution to match that.

yes the base price was my first idea, actually i made a whole form where the customer inpute the width and the drop and gets a result , but i have no clue how to grab that result "price" into a lets say shopping cart or confirmation page .... paypal buttons r not very helpfull in this situation cuz they only work with fixed prices ....