Hi there. Still a newbie question...
a) I tested my code at localhost (my computer) and ALL was good. Now I uploaded my files to remote site and I can't get my page to work. There is an Ajax call to database. Do I need to change the URL in the ajax? Now it's something like php/file.php. Then there is the json file and the config (username, password, etc). The config file is different with the new user name, etc.

b) while develing my page, I could use firebug, etc and get the error (no such file, no such picture, etc). Is there a way to do the same with the remote site?

Thank you so much!

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Yes, the same tools also work on a remote website. Also check your server's error logs (in case of PHP errors).


Pardon for my ignorance, how do I do that?
I am using bluehost and just quit 1and1 for this current matter.


Thanks for your input. There was no error while developing the web page (my localhost). The error just came up when I needed to change the Ajax url and the config doc. It must be there. I will ask them about this error-log tomorrow morning.... UPDATE. I think I found it here.

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UPDATE 2. I found it. Please bear with me as I learn how to do this. There are basically two kinds of messages.
The database has just one entry for test now.

Thu Jul 25 19:00:28 2013

Query_time: 6.085445 Lock_time: 0.000127 Rows_sent: 1 Rows_examined: 1

SET timestamp=1374800428;

Thu Jul 25 19:00:35 2013

Query_time: 7.304551 Lock_time: 0.002517 Rows_sent: 1 Rows_examined: 550

SET timestamp=1374800435;
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM information_schema.COLUMNS

Thu Jul 25 19:01:00 2013

Query_time: 25.135463 Lock_time: 0.000063

It goes on for several lines with info like that.

The other is very concise.

Thu Jul 25 21:02:49 2013

Query_time: 5.379344 Lock_time: 0.000104 Rows_sent: 2 Rows_examined: 2

SET timestamp=1374807769;

In the console (firebug, chrome, etc) I would find things like this: file does not exist, etc. Does the above show that it's reaching the right database? Since I never saw the right one, I don't undertand the above or the difference. It seems that it's not reading anything.
Thank you for your time.


Find out where the "file does not exist" comes from.

The rest is just database logging, what looks to me from something like PhpMyAdmin.


I mean, while I was building the web page, firebug would say: picture not found. Etc. Now all is good. Now there is no message, all should be working. No message anymore in my console / localhost.

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