i want to develop android app using html, css & jquery mobile in dreamweaver CS6 that integrated with phonegap. My app will send & receive data from database in remote server. But the problem is how to connect to the database in remote server? this is because phonegap just support html, css & jquery mobile only, not the php. can someone give me an example to this problem? i have done a lots of research on internet but i cant find the solution. please help me.

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You can use php or any number or other mobile/web api's to connect with a database and send/receive data. What have you tried? Have you done some research into this, or just are asking before you make some effort on your own?

FWIW, I don't mind asking for help, but only after I have exhausted all other avenues available to me to solve the problem - Google is my friend!

thanks for the reply. anyway, if using php, it doesn't have problem for me but are you understand what im trying to do? i want to develop mobile app using phonegap and phonegap doesn't support php file. thats the problem. yeahhh google is my best friend but i still cant find the solution. here what i have found the case that very similar to me but still no solution. please take a look if u dont mind.


From your device sent HTTP request (GET/POST) to server. Server process the request and fetches data for you, transfers data to JSON format and send it as reply that you should be able to use. Server side technology can be anything like PHP, Java servlets etc, that is capable of producing JSON object

Try study about xampp

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@Makcarov please think twice before you post off topic answer. Question is how to communicate with server, not what type of server to use!

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