Hi All,

I have a table of about 120,000 records which are mostly chemical products all with 100 byte varchar for the 'name'. I've indexed the 'name' and looked at the list here http://www.ajaxline.com/32-tips-to-speed-up-your-mysql-queries for ideas. But can't really find a solution because it's taking about 20 seconds to retrieve a record that's an exact match, and longer if use 'between' or something get broader result set. If I run the query in phpmyadmin, the query finishes in less than a tenth of a second. When request the same record using the php/MySQL based application generator program, it takes 20 or more seconds. It does need to format the page and table, but for other tables this is very quick.

Any suggestions on what I could look into?

Thanks greatly,


it would be dependent on a few things.. what is the query you are using for the retrieve? Are you doing some funky joins or parsing?

Also, how are you doing the call to the data? Are you processing before or after the query for anything? How are you iterating? How are you displaying? JS? PHP? It's all really dependent on your setup and code...