getting recepient based on login support id 5 login i need recepitent as 3 and name vimal.

Can you clarify what you are asking? Or what the error is you are trying to fix?

Highly confusing as JorgeM has politely pointed out. Are you trying to collect the username from the record that has the user_id of 3? What do you mean recipient? Are you constructing a script in a programming language at the same time too? Get back to us when you have enough time to... type?

sorry guyes. Basically i have two table containe user details and other table containe contact details.
you can see there is two column user_id and to_user. i want a query that get records from these
both tables and let says when user_id 5 login in to site he will see repient as 3 id with name in a form and when 3 login he will see 5 as recepitent.

Ok so if I understand you correctly, when user 5 logs in, you want to run a query and find out who his contact is, which should be "rohit" because in the contact table user 5 has a connection to user 3.. correct?

I dont have access to MySQL at the moment (sorry about that); my query was designed in MSSQL. it should be the same, if not, you should be able to update it accordingly.

SELECT _userDetails.user_id, _userDetails_1.username as [contactUserName]
FROM   _contactDetails INNER JOIN
       _userDetails ON _contactDetails.user_id = _userDetails.user_id INNER JOIN
       _userDetails AS _userDetails_1 ON _contactDetails.to_user = _userDetails_1.user_id

Using the exact table structure you provided....results as shown..


thanx for your reply

i modified above code like my db fields set

my query is

SELECT ud.user_id, ud.username AS contactUserName
FROM add_to_contact_list atcl
INNER JOIN user_detail ud ON atcl.user_id = ud.user_id
INNER JOIN user_detail AS userDetails_1 ON atcl.to_user = userDetails_1.user_id
WHERE atcl.to_user =3 // session user_id return 5 , vimal
when user logged in user_id is 5
WHERE atcl.to_user =5 // return empty result set.

what i am missing.?

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