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am doing project in c++ using mysql api

i have update query like that

q2<<"UPDATE `dorder` set `ddown_status`= 1 WHERE `Machine ID`= "<<"'"<<xbx4.mid<<"'";

but when i execute it , its says Unknown column 'ddown_status' in 'field list'

but ddown_status coloumn already exisits in dorder table ,
so any idea whats wrong with update query

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hai darkc99

please check whether these two columns ddown_status , Machine ID are existed in your database table dorder or not

if not matched replace with exact column names

check it once and let me know the status

Check for Upper/Lower letters and
also Check that you are getting value in Where statement too.

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ya machine id coloumn also exists and ddown_status too

you can see my another query with machine id works fine
q<<"SELECT * FROM dorder WHERE Machine ID = "<<"'"<<xbx4.mid<<"'";

hai darkc99,

can you post the table structure and code once here?

so that we will try to help you out in this regard

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