Hi all,
I have a project that I'm going to do.There's a table that has to be normalized.i need your solution just to check mine with yours.Here's the table with sample data.

I have taken Pay Item as a primary key:

Pay Item Description BridgeType Span Unit Quantity
81.02(a)-I Soft materials-0-2m Slab 6 m3 726.092
81.02(a)-I Soft materials-0.2m Slab 8 m3 182.442
81.02(a)-I Soft materials-0.2m Slab 10 m3 255.36
81.02(a)-I Soft materials-0.2m T-Girder 12 m3 726.092
81.02(a)-I Soft materials-0.2m T-Girder 14 m3 329.864
81.02(a)-ii Soft materials Slab 6 m3 123.456
81.02(a)-ii Soft materials Slab 8 m3 240.762
81.02(a)-ii Soft materials T-Girder 12 m3 556.762
81.02(a)-ii Soft materials T-Girder 14 m3 192.56

First, no one is going to provide you with a solution that you can use to compare with your solution.

If you are having trouble with an assignment, post more detailed information regarding the work that you've done in a manner that we can understand. What you have posted above is not clear or easy to read.

From what you've posted we can't tell what the field names are, when they start/finish, how many columns you have, etc..

To normalize your data, look at your data. Do you see data/information that is repeated over and over in various rows. Can you group some fields together so you can reference that grouping with an ID from another table?

Please put some effort so that you can actually get some help from other members of this site.

Pay Item cannot be the Primary Key as it has duplicates. You'd be better off indexing a number as the Primary Key, something like Material_ID or something of that nature. To normalize, look at the fields you have, Pay Item (and all things related to payments or payment items could have its own table. Material items and all things related to materials could have their own table. I don't know where span would go or what a "unit" is.

I would encourage you to read up a bit more on normalization and look at the millions of examples on how to do so using the Googles. Use keywords like "database normalization", "payment table database design", and other related words and phrases.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

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