I'm working on a School's fee management module.
The client's requirement is:

  1. There are 6 types of fee to be paid:

* Annual Fee
* Tuition Fee
* Exam Fee
* Games Fee
* Development Fee
* Other Charges
2. Only tuition fee will be paid monthly and rest of the fee will be paid only once.
3. In the list of fee details, mark a month red for which fee had not paid.

I'd searched on google and found various results but not solving my problem.

The problem I'm is with the normalization of tables so that I can effectively find the details of total fee paid by the student and the due or months for which he/she had not paid any amount.

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Sounds like an assignment, but hey - I'll give you the doubt. You can start by declaring your tables.

Sounds like you need some lookup tables and a main table.

Something like this:

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@Begginnerdev: you are right but its not assignment. I'm working on a project. The image you have given is small. I'm unable to view it.

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