Is there a program for mac that i can use to connect to my mysql Database instead of opening Fire fox and going in and logging in??

Check out for Sequel Pro or MySQL Workbench:

Or you can always use the command line client.

Note: if, from Firefox, you were using PHPMyAdmin to connect to a remote database, make sure you can directly connect to it from your IP, sometimes remote connections are not allowed or are restricted to specific addresses. Bye.

Also there is SQLEditor for Mac, however it is not free or has a community edition like Workbench.

There is also navicat and Querious, but they cost. You can get a 30 day trial though. Querious is more mac like and navicat if you go with ultimate or one of the more industial not the basic program allows you to reverse database to a diagram so that you can see how everything connect. I believe you can do this with workbench or sequal pro, but not sure.

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