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     I have successfully created a login page(username+password) that links to an account page. But i would like to insert a middle page (post login) where the user need to type 2 or 3 random characters of a memorable name to finally log into his account.

Any idea how to implement this please in Dreamweaver / PHP/MySQL ?


User type Username and Password... on login.php....he is sent to login2.php with two or three drop down box where he needs to input the respective character of this memorable name : ('elephant')

Enter 1st character of your memorable name e
Enter 5th character of your memorable name h

Any help or idea how to proceed will be much appreciated...Thanks.

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More details on this question with screenshots :
I send you screenshots so that you have an idea what i mean. For login i use account number and password instead of sort code...then my screen need to take me to the security code screen. On this screen i will be able to type or use drop down for single characters of a memorable name eg 'elephant' which is stored in the user details database. Therefore , the system will verify the username and password first. then will move to secondary login asking to verify the memorable name. only after that verification the user can log into his account.

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i am implenting it in another way.

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