I have a database wich i made in SQL server managment studio (Microsoft based). I m curious on how would i export my entire database to a webserver? My application is built in visual studio 2012 with C# (c# complitely). It s a University database without cotaining the student's entity(Table) because their is no need for a login form. The database isn t much of a size(all proffesors, timetables, proffesor_rooms, rooms for teaching students several buildings at various locations...
If you could give me some links or maybe some explicit explanation overhere on how to do that. The idea is that students would have this application wich is a desktop based app and they could easily search what they want (i need this app to communicate directly with the server).
Later on i would put it on the mobile(windows phone, android) but that s not my question.

Does this db need to be accessed directly by clients over the internet? If so, you need to host with a provider that has the option to expose the db. I know that GoDaddy allows this.

There are various ways to get your db up there. SQL management studio has tools to create backups or scripts that contain the schema and/or data. Depends on what exactly you need to do.

I ve found one for free, but it seems that i will have to buy a domain because this one does t offer migration from mssql to mysql but thanks.

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