i want to display first priority wise after that remaining data if no priority will display all data by

select DISTINCT s.Companyname,s.id as companyid,s.LogoImage,s.LogoPath,s.Url,ck.MainCatagory,c.city,st.state,sub.Subcatagory,sub.MainCatid,p.priority,rc.RelatedCatagory from spa s 
left join relatedcatagories rc on rc.spaid=s.id
left join catagorykeywords ck on ck.id=rc.mainCatagoryid
left join subcatagorykeywords sub on sub.id=rc.RelatedCatagory
left join city_place cp on cp.spaid=s.id
left join cities c on c.city_id=cp.city_id 
left join states st on st.state_id=c.state_id
left join priority p on p.company_id=s.id
WHERE s.Publish=1 AND rc.mainCatagoryid='$maincatid' AND ck.MainCatagory='$maincateg' GROUP BY s.Companyname ORDER BY p.priority DESC LIMIT 5

Just add more clauses to the ORDER BY as in

ORDER BY fld1 DESC, fld2 ASC, fld3 ASC
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