Hi, I have 3 tables Description, Item, Transaction

            Description                 Item                Transaction
          DeID       Name      IID        Name     DeID     TranNo   Type     IID    Date
            1       Printer      1   Stylus T10      1         1     Repair    1
            2       Monitor      2          HP       1          2    Repair    3
                                 3       ViewSonic   2

    I need to count how many printers, Monitors etc. are in Item and how many are under repair


    there are 2 printers in item, and 1 under repair

    output should be:

              Description           count              under repair
                Printer               2                      1
                Monitor               1                      1

    Im using vb.net 2010 and sql server 2008 r2
    as much as possible not using stored proc

    Thanks for your help

anybody can help pllllssssssssss

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