I wonder what is mysql table name requirements?

I have tried creating mysql table with these names:

group_mgt --> squprime.group_mgt table does not exist
file_uploads_log --> squprime.file_uploads_log table does not exist

In order to make the table creation works I have turn group_mgt to group AND turn file_uploads_log to file_uploadslog

I wonder is it okay to use dashes "_" for mysql table. Several of mysql table works fine, the other doesn't. I wonder why?

Where and how are you creating your tables? There could be a policy in place.

You might want to check your spelling, in both the database and the table. Everytime that happens to me, it's because I misspelled something. You might also try renaming them to GroupMgt and FileUploadsLog. Underscores are legal according to Click Here

there is nothingthing wrong using underscores in naming table. I think you must check your preferences.

Please describe your question in details.

or maybe you should rephrase your question for us to analized the problem.

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