Hello friends,

I havea mysql database setup as the following

products | flexRange | color | pressingWidth | topSpacerorTopDie

I have 400+ entries into these columns - the end result is to have 4 drop downs where the end user will select one item from each drop down and it will utlimately display the desired products full information (which I have saved in the products table)

products = productID | productDetails (productDetails is where the remaining values of the product are stored as plain text)
flexRange = itemID | productFK (foreign key) | frValue
color = itemID | productFK (foreign key) | color
pressingWidth = itemID | productFK (foreign key) | pwValue
topSpacerOrTopDie = itemID | productFK (foreign key) | tsORtd

So i need 4 drop downs that pull from each seperate table for instance

drop down 1 - flexRange options would be 27-45mm, 30-50mm, or 35-60mm
drop down 2 - color options would be green, blue or white
drop down 3 - pressing width options would be 180, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, or 250
drop down 4 - topSpacerOrTopDie options would simply be Top Spacer or Top Die

when this is all selected it should match with the foreign keys to select only 1 product as in the products table with the extra product text ex productID - 1 (extra data would be 145132 / 180x27-45/440W / 131531 / 103765 / 105895 / 106366)

i will label these in html, I just need help with the php to pull this info from MYSQL - i have already built the database...

any ideas?

thanks so much guys!

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-->>Hi dominic.ceraso.9,I hope the following link will help you as it helped Me.Andre provided all the information wich I think is what you are looking for.Check this out

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