Hi guys,
I have 3 classes : 1.Product(Super Class) 2.SmartDevice(Sub Class) 3.Accessories(Sub Class)

so I made 3 tables in database and made productId as a foreign key for smartDevice table and accessories table

so I've had a trouble thinking about what the code of CRUD will be if I used the generalization I mentioned above

I want to add a function to insert a product into database in the class of product

I Left 2 attachments to explain my condition:



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If I understand your question you want to insert a product into the products table and then, depending on whether it is an accessory or a smart device, also insert into the relevant secondary table.
So your secondary, subclass tables will have a productId column that matches the productId in the products table.
Insert a product into the products table and return the inserted productId. Use that id to do the insert into the secondary table. You now have a link between the two.
You can also add a foreign key constraint from accessories/smart devices to products with on delete cascade to keep your table integrity intact.
is that any help?

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