I have around 4 lakhs email id data(In CSV).
I want to change status of above emailids.
Could i run a simple update query or do something more.
Need Suggestions

Not familiar with 'lakhs'. Using PHP you could read your csv file into an array of records and either process as arrray or go the next step and insert into a MySQL table. This snippet may help.

ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", true);
$records = file("file path here");
$recarray = array();
foreach($records as $key=>$val) {
    $record = explode(",",$val);
    // build insert query here or process as array of records below
    $recarray[] = $record;

oh sorry..millions of rows data
I dont want to use php or any programming language.
Please suggest with mysql

What is the size of the CSV file in Mbytes?
You will first need to import into MySQL, either interactively at the mysql prompt or using something like phpMyAdmin (import limit 24Mb).
Without knowing your level of knowledge, what approach you are planning/trying and what problems you are encountering, it's hard to help.

Hey Jacob, I would Strongly recommend Using ETL Tools,., there by using Transactions .

Create Batches there and than use transactions.
deploy it on your server and Manually run It or Do Automation(Which is not required in ur case.)
Not difficult.

Or have Two DataBase in your Server.
1- Stagging
2- Master.

Update Stagging Regularly.
and Do schdeuling update for MASter every 15-30 Days depending upon the Size.

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