I have a requirement to make a sales report from 1-aug-2014 to 24-aug-2014 like this:

Product Name         First Week   Second Week  Third Week
   a                      12            6           2
   b                       0            0           4 
   c                       0            3           0  

My table like this.

  prod_name varchar(200),
  quantity int,
  qty_ordereddate datetime

my sql query for this:

  `SELECT `main_table`.`prod_name`, `main_table`.`qty_ordered`, 
 SUM(main_table.qty_ordered) AS `week1` 
 FROM `products` AS `main_table` 
  WHERE (qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 1 WEEK AND NOW()) 
 GROUP BY `prod_name`

But the above returns for only 1 week. If I change the qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 1 WEEK AND NOW() to qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 2 WEEK AND NOW() then it returns 2 weeks sales.. But I want the result as shown in the above format. So how can I customize this. Help me on this