Can someone help me group the below attributes to 1NF,2NF and 3NF

donor_session (date, session, pack_number, location_name, location_address, attendant_in_charge, technician, nurse)

The meaning of the attributes are:
date the date on which the donor session took place
session whether the donation was made am, pm, or eve
pack_number the identifying number of the pack
location_name the name of the location where the donor session took place
location_address the address of the place where the donor session took place
attendant_in_charge the employee number of the person in charge of the donor session
technician the technician attending the donor session
nurse the nurse attending the donor session

The functional dependencies (FDs) are as follows:
location_name > location_address
date, location-name > attendant_in_charge
date, attendant_in_charge > location_name
pack_number > date, session, location_name
date, session, location_name > technician, nurse