Hi!I'm stundent in year 2 in computer science
i would ask all frind to tell me the best book that i can read
so that i get better knoledge about database

What topic are you most interested in? There are so many.

First you need to decide on what platform you are going to deploy your database and second you need to decide which database you would like to specialize in. Most databases use a form of SQL (Software Query Language) to retrieve data so that is a good place to start. But which data base are you going to use? You can pay outrageous amounts for MS SQL Server that has to run on a Windows Server or you can opt for MySQL or PostgreSQL, which are both free, and run on Linux or Windows. Personally I like MySQL (which is now owned by Oracle) and so far it has been able to handle most of the data I deal with (I have a few tables with over 10 million rows in them).

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