i am trying to get data into oracle table from CSV file with SQL *LOADER but not getting the date which is in time zone format
I.E. 2013-02-23T10:41:14.000Z in my csv file.

i am using DATE as a type for Creation_Date.

pls help me to resolve this problem asap.

please reply asap.

waiting fot ur prompt reply

any help would be greatly appreciated


I am trying this format "'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.ff[3]Z'" in my control file
but getting Error

"SQL*Loader-291: Invalid bind variable :mm in SQL string for column Creation_Date."

it is mi for minutes not mm


thnx for ur reply but it dint work ,
giving the same error " SQL*Loader-291: Invalid bind variable :mi in SQL string for column Creation_Date. "

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