Hi All.I had done a project for college which tends to store large amountof students & employee data.it was an web-application developed by using php&mysql. now my problem is that,in one of the Student tables all records were deleted on 3 days back,i'm unware of it.jst nw i checked my database table.no records in it. i'm unware of backup & restore options in mysql db.help me guys how to get my data back it consists nearly 3000 students admissions data.it was great help to me...

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There is no way to recover from mysql delete (unless you have a way directly recover your HD for the part that is marked as delete from file changed, but will never be a full recovery). That's why the DBA needs to backup the data every now and then (or use any automated script to do the back up).

If your data is disappeared, you may need to be more careful. It could be from certain file is being deleted, database file corrupt (which is doubtful), or SQL injection (from your PHP page). Because it is lost, you may have to recreate the whole thing or look for the most recent backup. You also need to look at all PHP pages that take user input and directly use it to compose a query because that is SQL injection vulnerable (many bad PHP coders give PHP language a bad name because of this)...

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