Hi there,

I am running a small business and want to build a database in Access. To keep record or my stock, invoice and payments (inward/outwards).

Can you guys help me with it.

I am not expert wih access but know a little of it.

You'd be better off finding a free/cheap inventory management system or accounting package. Then all of the creation work has already been done for you by people in the business. Plus you'll gain access to all of the features, reporting and the like, that you're database won't have.

I'd agree with hericles' suggestion and based on your description, it sounds like something like QuickBooks would solve your problem.

Even if you use Access, you are going to have to build forms and you dont have reporting built-in. you'd have to create the necessary SQL queries and if you want to display the results graphically using charts, you'd have to build that as well.

Another option is the free downloads available from Microsoft for Access. They are templates for databases and systems created by other users that you can download for free. You just need to make sure you get one compatible with the version of access you are running (i.e. 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.)

Here is a link to templates for Access 2007 databases and the one at the top is for Inventory Control:


thanks a lot guys.... much appreciated for your helping words....

I can build it for you, just send the concept and the format of the inventory

thanks Alicera Nz,
We are distributor for a confectionary company, received goods from company, then our sales team market it, receive orders, create invoices and transport it to customers address. some of invoices are paid in cash and some are credited for agreed period mostly weekly basis.

I want to make a database to keep eye on inventory, paid invoices and our standing invoices, and some other features which mostly database have like account reports, product list, sales perfrmance, top 10 selling products etc....

if you can help me wit this, I will be grateful.


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