I'm trying to setup a database and PHP and i did the following:

I installed PHP and abyss server.
i created a php file in the server as shown in a book and
Created a file with the following text in a textfile
<?php phpinfo();?>
Saved the file as phpinfo.php
And when I type http://localhost/phpinfo.php nothing happens.
I tried searching for the answer online and I think it has to with how I set up the server, but I’m at sure how to troubleshoot the issue.

(is it possible to put pictures into these forms cause it would make it alot easier to explain.)

Thanks for the help.

You need to start the server. There should be executable or .bin file in folder of Abyss server.

After you've started it,if it still doesn't work, look for an error log file in the server directory. It'll tell you what went wrong.

hi guys thanks for the help. I dont think i have the server running correctly.

Host                    status

Default host on port 8000 Running

however when i go to abyss web server X1 i get this error
Abyss Web Server X1 (v
Copyright © Aprelium - 2001-2014

Cannot listen to the console port
The console is not running

I don't know anything about the set up of abyss but if you look in the root folder of the abyss server there should be a log folder which will have one or error logs in it.

i solved the problem .
i would recommend wampserver.com instead.
One of the issues was skype and then come other issues where other software where using the port. U can disable the in services folder.
Thanks guys for the advice.

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