It could be a dumb question, and tried to search for it and found nothing.

I been using mysql for years(not that to long) but i never had tried mysql transactions. Now my question is, what would happen if i issue an insert or delete statement from multiple clients using transactions? does it would lock the table and prevent other client to perform there query? what would happen if other client issue a transaction query while the other client still have unfinished transaction?

I appreciate for any help will come.

P.S. most likely i will use insert using a file or csv it could be a big chunk of data or just a small one.

Here is a nice example.

Here is the link in text, it's incorrectly flagged as inaccessible:

Thank you for the reply.

but i have another question:
if a client execute load data infile (lets say the transaction will take 1minute), does other client can issue load date infile query while the first client transaction is still executing?

becuase the client need to update the main server remotely from with data saved in the local database server and there is a lot of clients from different places.

i just need the innodb tables for temporary insert to speed up the server update. then all the data inserted to the innodb will be transpered to myisam table.
I just need the transaction to verify that the client successfully uploaded the whole data. and there will be multiple client from different places that will upload at the same time. so my concern is if one client is uploading and i used transaction to veify if there is no failure during the upload, does the other client can do there transaction also?
I mean can we have multiple innodb transaction at the same time?

I mean can we have multiple innodb transaction at the same time?

Yes, you can. But I would still test it if I were you.

Perhaps you should look into replication, so the synchronization happens automatically.

Thanks you so much, i will gonna try it out

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