Question two: [25 Marks]

Each technician may provide several repairs for several cars, but does not have to participate in any repair at all. Each repair specified is for one technician and one car. No repair exists without an associated technician and an associated car. A car may undergo several repairs but may not need any repairs. A car may suffer multiple problems, and therefore require several repairs from each technician. For each repair, the date the car entered the shop is recorded along with the reason (for example car would not start). Each repair may require several procedures (for example, an accident repair may require body work and replacement of some parts), but sometimes, the repairs are simple and will not require the specification of any procedures. Each procedure may require the purchase of several part types (a shopping list). A part type may participate in several procedures. Each procedure necessarily requires some part types, but a part type may or may not participate in any procedures.
Give a conceptual data model (CDM) for this application using the Entity-Relationship model. Give all degree and participation conditions details.**

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