I have been working on a application that used sqlserver 2008 R2. we had used filestream that was there in 2008 r2. there was a decision to move from 2008 R2 to 2012 express. Now i understand that file table is a new addition to 2012 and will do the same thing that i want, but out of curiosity i just executed the script to create the table, that has filestream and to my surprise it worked fine. but I soon discovered that for each insert the file is not put into folders as in the 2008 R2.

So my question here is although 2012 comes with filetable feature, does it still support the filestream that was there in 2008R2.

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Already gone through that. it only gives info on starting off with 2012 filetable. This migration I have kept as a last resort because it would bring forth a lot of maintenance. I am mostly looking at a backward compatibility (given by 2012) for the filestream feature of 2008R2

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