Our Day cares have a program called procaresoftware. We have 2 sites 47

and 35

From what little I know everytime you add a child, parent etc it puts

it into an .MBD FILE. Lately the 35 center has been having issues that

they cannot save any new customer. They can only append to the existing

child, parent. The version of procaresoftware is version 9 in which

they don’t have no more support for it. When I do a repair thru the

system that procure provides it gives me NO errors.
I can save data to the 47(day care one). I decided to move the 35 mdb

file to the 47 day care one and after I did I could not save new

customer to it. So I am inclined to think that the receive.mdb( that’s

the name of the file) is having issues.

Any suggestions. Or other troubleshooting tips.

What's with all the duplicate threads???

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If you read this back from an outsider's perspective, you'll see that you could have described this differently.

So what you're saying is - correct me if I'm wrong:

You have 2 access dbs. One of which will not add a new record to a table.

You decided to add the data from the defective file to the functioning one. The result of which was the 'new' combined file is displaying the same problems as the defective one.

We can't really help AFAICS unless you supply schema / queries, forms, any macros or modules and some sample data (be careful - alter any data for real people).

-Try to import the data inside a new database file.

-Checked those database files in your MS Access program.

-May be there is a problem with your clients' program.

-Open those database files in some other MS Access.

In case actions on above don’t work in your situation, see more resources, which might be effective here
http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/access/1420-ms-access-corrupt-database - where you may know more about actions after corruption ms access database
https://access.recoverytoolbox.com/ - paid solution, which is represented by Recovery Toolbox for Access, but if nothing works, it can become the proper and unique decision.

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