I am starting on a next to impossible journey to build a database with many records and with relational databases at a later date possibly.

The primary database I am going to build will have approximately 10 million records in it.
Each record will have 75 - 100 items of information within that record.

It has been suggested that I use a MySql or MsSql database for this. I wanted to get some other input on what database software would be the most efficient to handle something of this size efficiently and quickly. Time is always of the essence. So if there are any suggestions, recommendations, or points of direction at software to look at or start with please post them.

Thank You for any input...

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What makes you think that handling 10 million records is next to impossible. You can use any database like Oracle, MySql or MsSql .


MySQL and MSSQL would handle a database of that size with no problem. Depending on the data, you can use MS Access, but I'm guessing you would notice speed and reliability issues if you did.


I've been told that running some of the queries we want to run against the database would make it difficult.
I'm building a database for every property parcel in the state of florida with every obtainable piece of information about that parcel. Property information, Tax Appraisal Info, surveying info... i mean its not exactly small.

Running queries by partial address, and various other fields within the database is where I was told it would kill us to hold 10 million records with so much data in each record.

Eventually in the next year after running this project I hope to have all 50 states in the works to add into the database buy my pilot is florida. The information is already mostly digital already so it takes a lot of work out of it.

MS Access only allows 1,000,000 records now and even then with the data per record it will only hold I believe somewhere around 550,000 is where we got cut off.

Since MySql seems to be one of the databases that keeps appearing is there a good gui I can use to get started with?


As i have already suggested to go for something like Oracle, that will solve your all data size issues. And retrieval data time depends mostly on how the database is designed rather than size only.

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