Before upgrading to EXCEL 2010, I am able to open dbf files created in Visual Foxpro 7 or 9 in Excel 2003.

I am not sure why after installing EXCEL 2010 I am no longer able to open the file.

I get the error message when I tried opening the dbf file in Excel 2010 "the file you are trying to open is in a different format than specified by the file extension"

I have tried opening the dbf file via the File Open method but it still cannot work.

If I copy the file to a lower dbf format (type fox2x) then I am able to open the file in Excel 2010

Does Excel 2010 support dbf files created by Visual Foxpro 7 or 9?

Try opening the .dbf file in Excel or other program that supports opening the .dbf format.

Once opened in Excel you should be able to view the file, delete any "bad data", and resave to a new name (with the .dbf extension).

Also possible to create a new table with the structure of the old table, append records from the old to the new. May salvage records until the corruption is encountered.

Another methods contains referred link and might be effective in case manual ways can't help, look below… DBF Open File Tool

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