Hello group,

I've decided I want to take some classes in SQL, to better understand how to write queries. In looking online for where to turn to for this kind of training, I also see classes to prep for certification. I'm curious of what the value to my employer would be if I had that kind of certification (specifically Oracle/SQL 11g)? Is the expense for this certification worth it to my employer? Is there additional training in that prep that would benefit me and/or my employer?

If you have some thoughts, feel free to post. If you prefer, you can send me a private note as well.

In advance, thanks for your thoughts and ideas.


Re: General Question regarding the value of Certification 80 80

I've done a few microsoft certifications and I, personally, found them quite valueable. The topics were new to me, interesting and passing the exams was reasonably difficult due to the level of knowledge required. Which meant by the time I passed them I actually knew the stuff. Which was the point.
How valuable an employer would find them is really dependent on the employer. Some people value the certification itself, others the fact that you went out of your way to do it. Others don't give two hoots.
So, would you benefit? Almost certainly from a technical skill level view point. Would your employer? yes, you've improved yourself. Would other employers downthe line value it? Impossible to say.
My advice is don't view the certification as a bit of paper that said you did something but rather as a way to make yourself a better, smarter, more highly skilled individual. That'll speak for itself.

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