I'm trying to install CentOS on my Linux Mint desktop through Oracle's VirtualBox. The instalation screen says it's installing to sda1 and that's it's mount points are /boot -> 500 MB, / -> 5.02GB, & 614 MB. Is this safe or is there a chance this is going to mess something up on my current desktop? I'v never installing anything through a virtual machine before. Thanks.

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You shouldnt be concerned with your desktop. The main benefit for the VM app is that the VMs are installed within a few files stored on your hard drive. no other changes (with regards to the VMs) affect your host computer. When you are done with the VM, you simply delete the folder containing these files (2-5 or so) and that's it.

I cant comment on the CentOS specifically because i'm not well educated on linux systems.

JorgeM pretty much hit this on the head. All the data in a VirtualBox VM are stored in system files. You do want to use the incremental expansion option for the virtual drive though, since it will not take up more space on your system disc than necessary - growing the file only when needed. So, if you allocate 50GB of space, but are only using 20, then it will only take 20GB of space (more or less). Also, with snapshots, you can roll the VM back to an earlier state very easily if needed, such as a bad update or such.

So, if you decide you don't want CentOS on the system any longer, VirtualBox has a "delete" option for your VM's that will give you the opportunity to get rid of the VM as well as all associated files.


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