The Scenario
Wyndham Summer Houses are a construction company based in US. The company specialize in building summer houses and outbuildings such as sheds. They want you to design and implement a database that meets the requirements for their data. These requirements are specified in this scenario and the examples of paper documents kept by the company that are shown below.
Wyndham Summer Houses organise their data around the concept of a 'job'. A job is specified as being for a particular property; but note that a property might have more than one job over time.
A job is also categorized by job type which is linked to a particular design. The detailed architectural plans for each design are NOT to be stored on this database. Instead a design would be linked to a number of parts and there should be a reference to a detailed plan kept as a separate document. Moreover, a particular design will specify the parts to be used for that design. A separate record is kept of the actual parts used on that job, which will include any additional parts used beyond those specified in the design. This is shown in the sample documents below. Finally, there should also be a record kept of the members of staff who work on a job.
Please Note: The data shown in the assignment is not necessarily normalised, and that it is the candidate's task to organize the data in the most optimal way possible. For example, the paper records shown below will not necessarily map directly to data base tables. The candidate is expected to use these tables as a starting point for their own normalisation and optimisation of the Lawson Summer Houses data.

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