A newbie in database constuction, need help in adding automated sms functionality in mysql database. A user needs to sent a certain sms with certain keywords like 'location' to the system. the system refines a search according to the location content then sents back the data back to the user.


Re: Adding sms functionality to MySQL 80 80

Tell more. https://www.google.com/#q=mysql+to+sms finds gateways and video examples but you may have left out a lot of detail. No one can guess it all. But past that, more forums don't write code or databases for you.

To me this doesn't sound like MySQL will do it all. You have to write an app to receive the SMS, do the MySQL query and maybe fire back the SMS. SMS hardware may be required along with cellular accounts and more.

Re: Adding sms functionality to MySQL 80 80

thanks for your response buddy. can you assist me on what to require building the app so that i can begin from there.

Re: Adding sms functionality to MySQL 80 80

Sort of. You would choose what language you write in and then see if there are priors on SMS senders. No one can know what your SMS gateway or hardware is so you set the direction and pace of your work.

Once you decide on your direction, you write the code, debug and if reach a point you can't make work, then you share and ask for ideas.

Some folk want others to code for them. So far I haven't seen that in this site.

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