Can you please let me know the ER/EER diagram and relationship mapping of the foloowing case study.It has extracted from internet but i cannot find the link. If someone can finnd please give me the link.

Lloyds Incorporated: A case study
Lloyds Incorporated is a manufacturing company with several plants in the country. These plants are responsible for leading different projects that the company might undertake, depending on a plant's function. A certain plant might even be associated with several projects, but a project is always under the control of just one plant. Some plants do not undertake any projects at all. If a plant is closed down, the projects under taken by that plant cannot be canceled. The project assignments from a closed plant must be temporarily removed in order to allow the project to be transferred to another plant. All plant of Lloyds Incorporated have a plant name, number, budget, and building. A plant may be located in more than one building. Each plant can be identified by its number.
Employee work in these plants, and each employee works in only one plant. A plant may employ many employees but must have several employees in order to exist. A plant with employees cannot be closed down. Every plant is managed by an employee who works in the same plant; but every employee is not a plant manager nor can an employee man-age more than one plant. Company policy dictates that every plant must have a manager. Therefore, an employee currently managing a plant cannot be deleted from the database. If a plant is closed down, the employee no longer manages the plant but becomes an employee of another plant.
Some employees also supervise other employees, but all employees need not be supervised - the employees that are supervised are supervised by just one employee. An employee may be a supervisor of several employees. It is not possible for an employee to be his or her own supervisor. The name of an employee of Lloyds Incorporated consists of the first name, middle initial, last name, and a nametag. Employee number is used to identify employees in the company. While the address, gender (male or female), and date hired of each employee must be recorded, salary information is optional. Salaries at Lloyds Incorporated range from Rs. 35,000 to Rs.200,000. Moreover, the salary of an employee cannot exceed the salary of the employee's supervisor.
A plant's project may be done in-house or outsourced to one or more contracted vendors. However, a vendor can participate in only one outsourced project at a time. Employees are assigned to in-house projects, and an in-house project involves one or more employees. An employee is involved in several in-house projects or may not be involved in any project. For both in-house and outsourced projects, project number, name, location are gathered. Project number is used to identify each project. For in-house projects it is necessary to keep track of the description of the project and for outsourced projects the budget is recorded. Data gathered about each vendor include a vendor name, address, phone number, and contact person. Vendor name is used to identify each vendor. Since the same vendors are often contracted for future projects, when an outsourced project is removed from the system, the vendor information should be retained for future use.
Some employees may have several dependents. Lloyds Incorporated does not allow both husband and wife to be an employee of the company. Also, a dependent can only be a dependent of one employee at any time.
Lloyds Incorporated offers credit union facilities as a service to its employees and to their dependents. An employee is not required to become a member of Lloyds Credit Union(LCU). However, most employees and some of their dependents have accounts in LCU. Some LCU accounts are individual accounts, and other are joined accounts between an employee and his or her dependent(s). Every LCU account must belong to at least an employee or a dependent. Each joint account must involve no more than one employee and no more than one of his or her dependent. If an employee leaves the company, all dependent has a LCU account, deletion of the dependent is not permitted.
Lloyds Incorporated facilitates recreational opportunities for the dependents of employees in order to nurture the hobbies of the dependents. Dependents need not have a hobby, but it is possible that some dependents may have several hobbies. Because some hobbies are not as popular as others, every hobby need not have participants. If a dependent is no longer in the database, all records of the participation of that dependent in hobbies should not exist in the database either. Finally, as long as at least one dependent participates in a hobby, that hobby should continue to exist.
In order to provide a comprehensive set of recreational opportunities for dependents, the employee association of Lloyds Incorporated aggressively solicits sponsors for various hobbies. The sponsor of a hobby can be one or more of an individual, a school, or a church. National Identity Card number is used to identify each individual sponsor. Other data captured about individuals include name, address, and phone number. Schools and churches are each identified by their name. For a church its denomination and pastor and recorded, while for a school its size and the name of the principal are recorded. The church denominations when available are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or Lutheran.
Many of the sponsors of hobbies are not-for-profit-organizations and for these organizations the type, exempt ID, and annual operating budget are recorded. Some of the schools are public schools and therefore are also classified as not-for-profit-organizations. For the public schools, the name of the schools district and its tax base are recorded.
If a hobby is removed from the recreation portfolio of Lloyds Incorporated its relationship with any sponsor is removed as well. Likewise, when a sponsor is removed from the recreation portfolio of Lloyds Incorporated its relationship with any hobby is remove.

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