i need help. my teacher told me to create a program on java gui that can send everything you input to notepad. then when you input another info in java gui. another notepad file should be made..

If your teacher told you that then (s)he obviously thinks you should be able to do it.
If you get stuck on a particular point then people here will help you.
Just saying "I need help" will get you nowhere.

Perhaps writing input from your Java program to a text file is what you're referring to.

If that's the case, search the forums for something along the lines of "writing to a text file".

I think your teacher said that way for you to understand but the thing is that's no correct because notepad is a program.

Take it this way: Build a java desktop application that lets you save to file (in txt format) the content of one input field. The GUI will have a button to save to file and each time this button gets clicked a new file will be created with the content of the input field, as initially, after this action the input field will be cleared.

Hope this help you!!

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