Good afternoon,
Currently, I’m trying to consolidate all my financial information into one place so that I can see (the solution I’m currently using is Excel – see attached):

  1. Valuation at a particular date
    2 .Breakdown by investment product
  2. Various other analytics (Allocation by class etc.)

I’ve tried to use access, but it complains about outer joins in the excel workbook that I’m importing from google sheets (it automatically scrapes information from one of the sites that I have investments in)

What I’m using now
I’ve uploaded my info into PowerBI however, I can’t seem to create a table to get valuations on my information (the tables I want aren’t directed related to each other do it gives errors).


  1. See attached excel / screenshot below, how would I create that table in PowerBI?
  2. What is the best way to store/access that information? E.g. Access/Excell/PowerBi/SQL etc. (free solutions please)

Thank you so much for your help.

Re: Creation a investment valuation table from two indirect tables 80 80

Good afternoon,
I figured it out, the way to go about doing this is to use PowerQuery in excel (I'm using Excel 2016).

First you would create the tables in the workbook then add each of them to PowerQuery using the Data/From Query command. You would then create relationships between the data then use the merge query to join the tables that you would need.

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