i am trying to generate daily,monthly,and annual report of contractor from stored data which include id,in time,out time,late in time,early out time, my project is in advance java i have used CRUD in each module,and phpmyadmin i ll be glad if i get answer of my question.

Without more exact information as to the database schema I don't know what you want us to do. How can we write a query without knowing the tables names and structure?
Also, show us what you've tried, that can help us help you.

i have table name dailyreport which contains data i.e id,name,in time,out time,etc i want to show this information in page show dailyreport.jsp which is redirected from page leave report ....what query i should use ??? i want to search this table's data by id,name, and date....can u halp me with this ??

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