i have an access database with table relationships, queries and i want to convert into mysql is there any free software that can help me to do it, i searched for MySQL workbench but its not opening in windows 7 64-bit

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I think we need to first discuss what Access and MySQL is before we look for software. To save some time, do you know how these differ?

In short, Access can be both the app and the database behind the app.
MySQL is just the database without a frontend, report writer.

So while we can dump the data from one to another, all that Access reports, queries and such are the duty of your frontend app in what language you choose.

This may be why you don't see a clear path from Access to other systems.

Well i just wanted to convert my access database including tables, table relationships, queries etc to mysql so that it will be easy for me to work on actually i need it toplan for future plan thanks

Since MySQL doesn't hold our queries we see what you ask is not possible. I looked at your prior posts and maybe those would be in Crystal Reports?

As to relationships, tutorials are found with https://www.google.com/search?q=mysql+table+relationships

My thought here is to move the data from your Access tables one by one, then in your app connect the relationships. What system are you considering for the frontend? My advice is to skip decade plus old stuff like VB6.

http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/sql-for-beginners-part-3-database-relationships--net-8561 broaches how to create your other tables with the foreign keys.

i am using vb6
OK but what you think about SQL Server will it work for put queries in that too?

I'm going with no. My SQL queries are via my apps or the command line. Not stored in MySQL.

I can't guess why you would entertain VB6 today. It's pre-historic and you don't get a lot of folk supporting you.

well i know its too old but I feel good and easy with vb6

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