I'm trying to delete a database in phpMyAdmin which is in localhost of Windows 7 Professional 64bit system. Since I am not an IT or database professional, I'd appreaciate any help with non-techy steps. :-)

When I attempt to delete the database I receive the error:
DROP DATABASE 'enfold-2016'

1010 - Error dropping database (can't rmdir '.\enfold@002d2016', errno: 41)

I checked the privaleges and they are all set to "All Privileges" with "Grant" all set to Yes.


it seems related to the permissions of OS user that is running the MySQL server, it seems this user cannot delete the directory that stores the database. Try to restore the permissions and, to remove the database, check the PHPMyAdmin data directory to manually remove this specific directory.

All of my other databases in there are accepting my permissions, just not this one. And I've tried toing to phpMyAdmin > Databases, then selecting the database (enfold-2016) and checked for deletion. That's when I get the error message.

Well, the second document said to try this: # mysqladmin -u root -p drop databasename which I did in the command prompt as:
C:\Users\My User Name> mysqladmin -u root -p drop enfold-2016

And it gave me the error: 'mysqladmin' is not recognized as an internal or external command...

You may have to reveal which OS and since it's the rmdir step, you can do that with your preferred method whether it be command line or a GUI. My bet is it's just like the above answer which was to remove it yourself.

Actually, this isn't helping. I'm not a tech person. My operating system is Win 7.

All of my other databases in there are accepting my permissions, just not this one.

Each database has a different folder, if for some reason in that folder there is something different from table files or the folder permissions changed, then the server will not remove it. Read this for more information about such issues:

So, use the Windows 7 search tool to find this folder enfold@002d2016, open the path, it should be the folder that holds the tables of the enfold-2016 database. Once you're sure it's related to the database, right click the folder and delete it. Then restart the database service and check if it works fine.

As suggestion: before doing such operations, be sure to have a backup of the databases.

When I search "enfold@002d2016" I get "no items match".

I located a backup file of my entire local host. This brought me back to where I was before the file failure. So, consider this thread closed.

Thank you.

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